Barhale is one of the largest civil engineering and infrastructure specialists with 40 years’ experience working UK-wide across water, transport, built environment and energy sectors. Founded by Dennis Curran in 1980, the group was originally set up as a specialist tunnelling contractor. Whilst they retain their tunnelling roots, repeated success in several sectors of the construction industry has enabled the firm to expand their skill set and become one of the largest privately owned infrastructure specialists in the UK.

Like many construction firms, Barhale operated using spreadsheets, paperwork and manual processes. While theses manual processes were adequate, the operations team understood the large number of inefficiencies in the system. Barhale needed a solution that would amalgamate processes and put them in full control of adapting them as they evolve. Following an extensive evaluation process Barhale knew the answer was Causeway Ermeo.

Causeway Ermeo is the mobile workforce management solution that will enable the firm to fully digitise all of their major processes through configuring digital forms themselves. While Barhale has only just started their journey with Causeway Ermeo, they can already see significant benefits. Digital forms make recording positive interventions, inspections, managing permits and near misses much easier and quicker. The ability to instantly submit forms also gives the office more insight and promotes greater safety on site.

Causeway Ermeo will enable Barhale to bring all their operational processes under the one roof allowing their operatives and office staff to streamline processes, save on paper and use their time more efficiently.

Bring all of your operational processes under one roof with Causeway Ermeo.

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