Ensuring health and safety compliance requires defined processes to be followed and documented. However, for many businesses that rely on paper based or manual digital forms and documentation, this can be time consuming and inefficient. This approach often results in wasted time and money, in addition to the risks of non-compliance if forms are lost or misplaced.

Introducing mobile workforce management

A solution to these challenges is a mobile workforce management system, such as Causeway Ermeo, which can automate a range of on-site processes using easy to use interactive forms. 

For health and safety professionals specifically, it can help streamline site safety audits and inspections, risk assessments, hand-arm vibration records, near miss and accident reporting as well as toolbox talk records.

With Causeway Ermeo you can simplify, standardise and digitise these processes using app-based forms tailored to the exact requirements of the organisation. The intuitive, mobile-first platform of Causeway Ermeo means it is easy to complete the forms on site using an iOS or Android device. With both online and offline modes, productivity is not impacted by the quality of the internet connection. 

The completed forms can be forwarded to the relevant person if action is required and also stored securely in the cloud, from where they are immediately accessible from the main office. In addition the completed forms can be automatically filed in a document management platform such as Causeway Docs or Microsoft Share Point. This eliminates the risk of important documentation being lost or accidentally deleted and the centralised storage of information also allows access to real-time data and automated reporting.

With Causeway Ermeo, creating digital versions of existing forms is simple and even complex forms can be created easily using the no-code, drag-and-drop form creator studio. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365. This means forms completed in Causeway Ermeo can automatically populate Word documents or Excel spreadsheets so approved audit processes do not need to be changed.

Improving site safety

Streamlining these processes means that those responsible for health, safety and welfare on site have more time to proactively minimise risks and improve safety. Additionally, easier analysis and benchmarking of data and performance across multiple sites means that best practice can be identified and shared throughout the organisation. Causeway Ermeo has been designed to make this as easy as possible as it also integrates fully with the data visualisation tool Microsoft Power BI.

Mobile workforce management systems such as Causeway Ermeo are increasingly becoming the norm for operational processes, such as job sheet control, but it also has important benefits for health and safety professionals and ultimately colleague safety.

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