Construction businesses that are still reliant on paper-based and manual digital processes may be wasting significant amounts of time and money. Mobile workforce management solutions can help streamline processes such as job sheet management, site and plant inspections, inductions, health and safety assessments and supplier performance reviews.

Additionally, having unconnected manual systems can lead to challenges including difficulties finding information and analysing data, issues with compliance, difficulties identifying and sharing best practice across the business and tracking completion of key actions.

How can a mobile workforce management solution help?

A mobile workforce management system, such as Causeway Ermeo, can simplify, standardise and digitise a range of on-site processes using user-friendly interactive forms, tailored to the exact requirements of the organisation. With Causeway Ermeo, creating digital versions of existing forms is simple and even complex forms can be created easily using the no-code, drag-and-drop form creator studio.

Causeway Ermeo’s intuitive, mobile-first platform means it is easy to complete the forms on site using an iOS or Android device. The forms can be designed to show only the sections that need to be completed based on the answers given as well as automatically populate fields from central database information. This streamlining of processes can result in as much as a 20% increase in worker efficiency.

While some other cloud-based solutions depend on a reliable internet connection, Causeway Ermeo has both online and offline modes so productivity is not impacted when working in poor signal areas. The completed forms are then stored securely in the cloud, if required automatically filed in a document management platform such as Causeway Docs or Microsoft SharePoint, and immediately accessible from the main office, with no risk of important documentation being lost or accidentally deleted. The forms can also be automatically forwarded to other users if a signature or further action is required and these appear as a task to be completed in their Ermeo app.

Causeway Ermeo integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 so completed forms can automatically populate Word document templates or Excel spreadsheets. This means there is no need to change established report formats or approved audit processes.

This centralised storage of information allows access to real-time data and streamlines and automates reporting. To help identify trends and thereby establish where performance can be improved, Causeway Ermeo also integrates with the Microsoft PowerBI data visualisation tool for simple creation of dashboards that bring together key data insights.

A growing number of construction businesses are now taking advantage of the efficiency benefits offered by mobile workforce management systems such as Causeway Ermeo. Adopting a solution that is easy and intuitive to use will help ensure these advantages can be maximised. 

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