Züblin Ground Engineering has implemented the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management system to streamline admin tasks and ensure accurate timesheet management across its construction sites.

The specialist groundworks contractor was established over 115 years ago and operates in six countries across Europe employing approximately 950 people. In the UK, Züblin Ground Engineering was previously using manual, paper-based timesheets to record and manage working hours on site. Issues with accuracy, including instances of ‘buddy clocking’, as well as the admin required to process labour payments, prompted a search for a more efficient system.

After looking at the available options,Züblin Ground Engineering has invested in the Causeway Donseed labour management solution with fingerprint recognition biometric technology.

The system, which has been initially implemented across two sites with up to 40 operatives each, utilises a simple to use touchscreen tablet incorporating a certified optical fingerprint sensor. The interactive interface enables users to verify their identity when signing in and out of the site and ensures that accurate records of hours worked are maintained.

This eliminates labour overpayments and also ensures that site operatives are paid for all the hours they have worked, quickly and efficiently. This time and cost saving provides a good return on investment and a short pay-back period.

Designed specifically for construction sites, the Causeway Donseed solution centralises all the labour data to make analysis and monitoring simple as well as improve management of training, certifications and competency information.

The system also provides Züblin Ground Engineering with full and live visibility of core project information.

Causeway Donseed is a biometric labour management solution. If you'd like to see how Causeway Donseed could start making an instant difference to your business, book your 30-minute demo here.

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