Curtins is a leading engineering firm with a legacy of over 60 years in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance the world.

Curtins is a leading engineering firm with a legacy of over 60 years in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance the world.

Seeking to further their commitment to excellence, Curtins adopted Causeway's complete end-to-end drainage design solution, to streamline their workflow, foster sustainability, and achieve lasting positive impacts on the projects they undertake.



The Challenge:


Outgrowing their Previous Software Supplier


Curtins, a forward-thinking company, encountered a pressing challenge when their existing software supplier's offering ceased to meet their requirements. The lack of ongoing development proved restrictive, impacting workflow efficiency and project optimisation. This deficiency led to communication bottlenecks, causing delays in decisions and project timelines.

Curtins' commitment to integrating sustainable solutions, like Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), was hindered by the software's inability to align with local authority's requirements and industry advancements. As the industry rapidly evolved, Curtins needed adaptable software to remain current and competitive.

Furthermore, collaboration among dispersed teams was hampered by the software's limitations, obstructing seamless communication in their geographically diverse projects. This prompted Curtins to seek an advanced solution, as highlighted by David Price, IT Director at Curtins, who noted, "We had frustrations with our previous supplier with lack of development but within that software, and when we engaged with the Civils teams it was the start of understanding that actually the frustration there was a lot larger than appeared on the surface." This pressing need for progress and innovation underscored their requirement for software that could effectively address their challenges, making Causeway Flow an appealing choice.

“Being able to model different types of SuDS features, Causeway Flow is at the forefront of that and we are able to meet local authority's requirements”
Marc BarlowProject Engineer, Curtins



The Outcome:


Enable Continued Innovation


Curtins has now been using Causeway Flow for a significant period. Reflecting on the business's decision to choose the solution, David said:


"We knew we had invested in software that was constantly being developed, and we see those developments coming in. It's certainly a positive from an account management perspective, but also from the team on the shop floor who utilise the software. Having that ongoing development is really positive."


With Causeway Flow as their versatile and ever-improving software solution, Curtins has fully embraced a future of delivering sustainable engineering excellence. The continuous development of Causeway Flow has made it an essential asset, empowering Curtins to implement innovative solutions and make a positive impact on the communities they serve.



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