In a prompt move to address its pressing design challenges, SLR Consulting, a global leader in sustainability solutions, has joined forces with Causeway.

Their urgency stemmed from the immediate necessity for FEH22 rainfall integration within their design submissions, a functionality absent in their previous software. Driven by this critical requirement, SLR Consulting expediently transitioned to Causeway's drainage design solution, Causeway Flow.

Having been a customer of Causeway’s Traffic Management solution previously, SLR Consulting was already well-acquainted with the breadth of solutions offered and recognised the inherent value in Causeway's expertise and innovative tools. As their existing drainage design software approached the end of its lifecycle, they sought a solution that could not only fulfil their urgent FEH22 needs but also align with their broader sustainability objectives.

In a head-to-head comparison with another software, it was evident that Causeway Flow emerged as the commercially preferred choice for SLR Consulting. The demonstration SLR Consulting received underscored Causeway Flow's robust SuDS features and advanced technology including FEH22 rainfall methodology. Furthermore, the seamless integration with Civil 3D® and the efficiency-boosting Causeway SmartTools piqued the interest of SLR Consulting's engineers and team leader. 

This partnership is a testament to the value of swift and decisive collaboration in response to industry needs. SLR Consulting's rapid embrace of Causeway's solution not only met their immediate requirements but also demonstrated their dedication to aligning with the forefront of sustainability-led engineering. The move has also supported the business to digitise, transitioning from a mixture of dongles and network licences to fully cloud-based licences with Causeway. This transformation not only streamlined their licensing structure but also introduced enhanced flexibility into their operations.

Louis Walker, Solutions Manager at Causeway, praised SLR Consulting's commitment to innovation and sustainability:

We’ve always admired their industry-leading innovation and commitment to sustainability-led engineering. Their continued confidence in our solutions is a clear testament to the value we bring and we’re excited to deepen our working relationship with SLR Consulting, supporting their journey in delivering world-class designs."

Looking ahead, SLR Consulting and Causeway are poised to streamline the transition further. The implementation plan includes personalised onboarding sessions, regular Q&A drop-ins for engineers, and remote trainer-led courses. This comprehensive support underscores the dedication of both parties to ensure a seamless and efficient integration of the new solution.

This partnership exemplifies how prompt collaborations driven by critical requirements can lead to lasting innovation and enhanced capabilities.

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