We are delighted to welcome Invisible Connections to Causeway SpecifiedBythe UK’s leading building product research platform for architects and specifiers.

We caught up with the Invisible Connections team to discuss how Causeway SpecifiedBy fits with their specification-led marketing strategy.

Invisible Connections are the specialists in hidden structural connections for precast and in situ concrete construction.

Their innovative and invisible telescopic connection systems are used to support stairs and landings, beams and columns, in a variety of projects ranging from high-profile stadia to large-scale residential and prestigious mixed-use developments.

Invisible Connections is also the manufacturer of the FERBOX bespoke reinforcement continuity system.

Proven to be safer, quicker and more economical than conventional methods for connecting precast concrete elements, Invisible Connections are looking to familiarise architects and specifiers with the commercial, aesthetic and structural benefits that telescopic connectors provide.

“We want specifiers to recognise how telescopic connectors can influence construction techniques for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Architects, for example, gain design freedom to maximise usable space and create clean architectural lines without cumbersome corbels or bracketry, whilst fire protection is inherent.

Structural engineers achieve structural robustness without needing additional materials and are reassured by Invisible Connections’ comprehensive technical support and product approvals for Building Regulations compliance.

Aiming to raise awareness amongst specifiers ahead of need, Invisible Connections adds:

“We see investing in SpecifiedBy as a way to enable us to reach the specification community with the right message, at the right time so they can consider Invisible Connections’ products before preparing specification details.”

A modern alternative to steel angles and concrete corbels, telescopic connectors provide elegant solutions that overcome the challenges of traditional methods of connecting precast to precast and precast to in-situ concrete.

As such, Invisible Connections is excited to be a part of Causeway SpecifiedBy and welcomes the potential afforded by the platform:

“Our presence on SpecifiedBy will help position our products in front of architects and structural engineers while they’re conducting their research. We hope this will ultimately lead to more specifications and greater adoption of Invisible Connections’ telescopic connectors in the industry.”

Sharing their enthusiasm for innovative construction techniques and specification-led marketing, Causeway SpecifiedBy is thrilled to have Invisible Connections on board.

You can find Invisible Connections’ products on Causeway SpecifiedBy here.

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