We are delighted to welcome Kuraray to Causeway SpecifiedBythe UK’s leading building product research platform for Architects and specifiers.

We caught up with the Kuraray team to discuss how Causeway SpecifiedBy fits with their specification-led marketing strategy for their Trosifol® brand.

Trosifol®, part of the long established Kuraray Group, is a leading global producer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and ionoplast, SentryGlas® interlayers for laminated safety glass applications in the architectural, automotive and transport industries.

Laminated safety glass has become a vital ingredient in architecture and automotive engineering.

Trosifol® now offer the world’s broadest portfolio of innovative glass-laminating solutions, including structural and functional interlayers for safety and security applications, sound insulation and UV protection.

Allan Gibson, Market Development Manager, tells us more:

“Our UltraClear films exhibit the lowest Yellowness Index (YID) in the industry. Making Trosifol® the perfect choice as a preferred partner for laminated safety glass applications.

We serve the ever-changing demands of the global glass industry with seven worldwide production sites, five R&D centres and eighteen customer support offices across the globe.”

Trosifol® is an established market leader but there was a strong desire to strengthen the brand awareness as part of the specification marketing strategy.

“Our main goal over the next 12 months is to build brand awareness. We are market leaders and our products do get specified extensively but we want to strengthen relationships and build out new networks therefore visibility is key.

With the lack of trade shows and exhibitions this year, we needed to explore new marketing channels to replace these with and support us achieving the goal of increasing our brand awareness.

We immediately recognised the value in the SpecifiedBy platform during the demo; the news section allows us to share our extensive content and CPD feature allows us to educate with our new CPD program to a great audience that we wanted to tap into.”

In addition to raising the brand exposure, Kuraray have invested significantly in their resources to support Architects and Specifiers during the specification process.

“With glazing and interlayers playing such a huge roll in contemporary architectural projects, we have created a suite of resources to help architects and construction engineers make the right choices for their applications.

SpecifiedBy complements the comprehensive resources of our own website allowing us to present all of our technical documentation and supporting tools in one central place”

You can find a range of Kuraray and Trosifol® products on Causeway SpecifiedBy here.

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