We are delighted to welcome Vtec Group Ltd to Causeway SpecifiedBythe UK’s leading building product research platform for Architects and specifiers.

We caught up with the Vtec team to discuss how Causeway SpecifiedBy fits with their specification marketing strategy.Vtec_Logo_Primary_RGB

As a renowned leader in providing innovative wall and surface solutions, Vtec Group Ltd is committed to transforming interior spaces into functional works of art.

The company understands the dynamic nature of the specification industry and the importance of staying at the forefront of it.

“Our primary focus revolves around simplifying the specification process for interior wall and ceiling systems. We are dedicated to staying adaptable and responsive to architects, designers, and specifiers' unique needs.” said Tiffany Shageer, Marketing Executive at Vtec Group

Having recognised the need to adapt to evolving industry demands and expand its digital presence, Vtec Group employed the help of Causeway SpecifiedBy to bridge the gap.

Its journey with the software began with active participation in informative webinars, highlighting the platform's effectiveness in reaching industry professionals.

Vtec Group's commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with Causeway SpecifiedBy's goal of facilitating seamless communication with stakeholders. Being part of Causeway SpecifiedBy has enabled it to connect with specifiers, architects, and architectural technologists.

"Expanding our digital presence and using platforms like SpecifiedBy is crucial,” Tiffany added. “It connects us with designers seeking accurate and reliable information."

The firm actively uses Causeway SpecifiedBy's features, including Product Listing, which provides in-depth information about its systems. It also offers case studies and blogs to address common queries and showcase the team’s expertise.

In Causeway SpecifiedBy, Vtec Group has found a user-friendly digital platform that effectively caters to the requirements of their audience of specifiers. This partnership has not only simplified the specification process but also opened opportunities for specifiers, architects, designers, and more to engage with Vtec Group's innovative solutions.

"Causeway SpecifiedBy opens up opportunities for professionals to engage with our systems and gain valuable insights, and we are delighted to have seen an increase in levels of engagement among users since using it," said Tiffany.

“Our high-quality architectural images have inspired and sparked creativity among users, leading to increased brand awareness and product inquiries.”

Through Causeway SpecifiedBy, Vtec Group continues to contribute to the creation of elegant and functional designs in the built environment, reinforcing its position as a trusted leader in the industry.


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