We are delighted to welcome Bathroom Origins to Causeway SpecifiedBy the UK’s leading building product research platform for Architects and specifiers.

We caught up with the Bathroom Origins team to discuss how Causeway SpecifiedBy fits with their specification-led marketing strategy.

Bathroom Origins is a specialist supplier of bathroom mirrors, storage and accessories.

All the products they offer are either designed or personally sourced by their co-founders, reflecting their passion for great design, love of creativity and appreciation of quality materials and craftsmanship.

With the growing evidence of how our environment affects our wellbeing, having the right spaces in our homes, workplace, hospitality and leisure is becoming increasingly important — which is where bathrooms and washrooms have a real role to play.

Sofia Charalambous, Co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director, tells us more:

“One thing we’ve learned from over 25 years is that a bathroom is so much more than just a place to wash; it’s so many things to so many people — it’s a place to relax, to retreat, to escape from the ‘outside world”.

Our mission at Bathroom Origins is to inspire design professionals to transform their clients’ bathrooms into a space that truly reflects their individual style and bathing rituals — whether it’s a home or a hotel — the same rules apply.

We just love the way Bathroom Origins is at the forefront of bathroom design. We’re setting, shaping and responding to consumer aspirations helping people transform their bathrooms into a space which truly reflects their individual style and bathing rituals.”

With this experience and a clear vision of the Bathroom Origin brand the value they can deliver, the team have set their sights on expanding their success within retail, to the specification market — including a recently relaunched website with more files, product information and case studies, aimed at Architects and Specifiers.

Sofia explained:

“We’re proud to say you’ll find Bathroom Origins in some of the finest residential, commercial and hotel developments in the UK and around the world.

From cruise liners and flagship stores to beautiful homes and award-winning boutique hotels, our clients trust us to deliver beautiful bathrooms on budget and on time.

So our specification-led marketing goals for 2021 are to increase brand awareness of Bathroom Origins, which is already strong in the retail market, and become the go to resource for our types of products with Architects and specifiers.”

Whilst exploring options to support their increased focus on specification, Bathroom Origins found Causeway SpecifiedBy’s webinars to be a useful resource and could see a clear alignment with what they wanted to achieve:

“Having attended some of the SpecifiedBy webinars, we were really confident it was the right solution for us. The way it is set up to influence early stage specification makes a lot of sense to us and is exactly what we need.

We feel that we have sometimes been ‘missing the boat’ on projects, especially at the early stage of specification.

SpecifiedBy helps us address that and is a valuable platform for us to access the leading specifiers for us to increase brand awareness and ultimately to become the go-to partner for them.”

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