We are delighted to announce Acuphon Ltd to Causeway SpecifiedBy - the UK’s leading building product research platform for Architects and specifiers.

In the acoustic industry, Acuphon stand out as a leader, known not just for their 30+ years of  bespoke acoustic solutions, but also for their innovative approach towards product presentation and application. Their commitment to excellence extends to showcasing their wide array of offerings, including their highly sought-after perforated panels, which have garnered attention and utilisation across various projects throughout the UK.


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Acuphon has been manufacturing bespoke acoustic products and technical acoustic systems that meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 such as their hugely popular perforated timber panels, which represent a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, offering superior acoustic performance while seamlessly integrating into diverse architectural settings. Acuphon has meticulously engineered these panels to not only meet stringent acoustic requirements but also to serve as design elements that elevate the overall aesthetics of the spaces they adorn.

Their portfolio of panels boasts versatility in application, being utilised across a spectrum of projects ranging from commercial spaces to cultural institutions and educational facilities.

Their wide range of acoustic solutions includes echo treatment, soundproofing, studio equipment, and more – making them the go-to place for all soundproofing needs.

By joining Causeway SpecifiedBy, they hope to connect with more specifiers and showcase their products and services to a wider and more engaged audience. Wanting to showcase their range on platforms like Causeway SpecifiedBy stems from a desire to introduce their products to a wider audience of specifiers, architects, and designers. By leveraging such platforms, they aim to not only exhibit their in-demand product range but also educate and engage potential clients on the diverse applications and benefits these panels offer within different architectural contexts.

On Causeway SpecifiedBy, Acuphon is able to list their products, host CPDs (Continuing Professional Development) sessions for specifiers, and utilise the insights tool to track their progress. While they have recently joined the platform, they are optimistic about the potential of Causeway SpecifiedBy to increase their brand exposure and bring in more business.

We are excited to be supporting Acuphon on Causeway SpecifiedBy and look forward to assisting their business growth and success on our platform. You can browse through their products and solutions on Causeway SpecifiedBy here.

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