Graf UK is a supplier of sustainable water management systems. The business specialises in stormwater attenuation, soakaway tanks, sewage treatment plants, and rainwater harvesting systems. 

To reach more architects, engineers, and surveyors interested in their products, Graf UK turned to Causeway for their hosted CPD webinars.

Customer Information


Customer Name: Graf UK

Industry: Water Management

Causeway Solution: Causeway CPD


Increasing reach:

With Causeway CPD


Graf UK had been familiar with Causeway for several years and was already receiving a steady stream of enquiries from architects and engineers through the business's product area. Impressed by the results, Callum Vallance-Poole, Graf UK's Marketing Coordinator, decided to leverage Causeway's platform to host their CPDs and reach a wider audience.

Since hosting their CPDs through Causeway, Graf UK has experienced a greater audience number and more engagement from attendees. The platform has enabled them to connect with architects, engineers, and surveyors interested in their products, who may not have been aware of their services previously. Callum said:


“Causeway CPD supports our business in reaching more architects, engineers and surveyors who are interested in our products.”


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