SCHOTT is a world leader in glass production. Founded 1884 in Jena, Germany and rising from a small glassworks to a global corporation with production and sales units in 34 countries. 

The organisation has over 16,500 employees of almost 100 nationalities and has recently used Causeway services to provide CPD training.

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Customer Information


Customer Name: SCHOTT UK

Industry: Glass Production

Causeway Solution:

Causeway CPD

The Challenge:


SCHOTT UK places huge importance on collaboration and innovation.


That said, the move to remote and flexible working approaches has meant that SCHOTT UK needed to devise a new strategy around their CPD training options. Martin Brown, Sales Manager at SCHOTT UK, said:


“The switch to working in the office less and more remotely meant our target audience was not always available for face-to-face CPD”


Martin has over 30 years of working with glass and metal workers and considered running CPD sessions internally at first; that said, the company was concerned about the logistics involved and required support in this area:


“Hosting our own CPD and having the up-to-date contacts does pose some logistical problems,” Martin said.


Martin also stated that communicating with their audience was also an area in which SCHOTT UK wanted to improve in:


“The problem with any online presentation is understanding if the message is getting across, as there is not much opportunity to interact with the audience. Achieving this on our own was difficult and we were unable to find the right provider at first, that would support us to do this.”

Getting Started:


With Causeway


Since joining Causeway, SCHOTT UK has benefited from the logistical services that we offer, as well as the versatility of the solution – which means their specifiers can join at a time convenient to them.


“The versatility of Causeway really appealed to us! Plus, the webinar reports we receive from Causeway  hold more detailed information than we receive from our own, or other providers, it’s a win-win scenario,” Martin commented.


Causeway’s real-time analytics makes it simple for SCHOTT UK to track all its most important performance metrics. Resolving this frustration enables the business to define and measure its successes.



"Our intention with CPD is to make the specification community aware of our Company and the specialist nature of our products. We feel that the contacts that Causeway has are putting SCHOTT in front of a wider audience than we may have previously targeted."


Martin BrownSales Manager

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