Hanna + Hutchinson Consulting Engineers Ltd has upgraded to Causeway’s productivity-enhancing Live Design platform. The move has been described as “a natural progression” for the civil and structural engineering company based in Northern Ireland.

Live Design was launched in 2021 and enables engineers to migrate design processes into a single model, managing road design, ground modelling and drainage design in the same real-time design environment.

A long-term user of Causeway software solutions, Hanna + Hutchinson has been working with Professional Design Suite for nearly 20 years. PDS is widely used by civil engineers and provides powerful tools covering all aspects of earthworks, development site infrastructure and highway design. The inclusion of intelligent 3D modelling capabilities and integration functionality means PDS also delivers all of the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The success of this relationship, coupled with the continuing expansion of the business undertaken in water/drainage projects, persuaded Hanna + Hutchinson to combine PDS with Causeway Flow drainage design software. This was particularly important in terms of working with Northern Ireland Water, a water company already making extensive use of Flow for checking and approving NI design submissions.

Causeway Senior Account Manager Yalda Majdabadi explains:

“One of Hanna + Hutchinson’s engineers – a Flow super user who trains others within the business attended one of our Flow training seminars in May this year and they immediately recognised the benefits of dynamic design.

If you think of PDS as highways and Flow as drainage, Causeway Live Design is a platform that enables all of that design work within one interface. For a business like Hanna + Hutchinson, already a confident user, moving up to Live Design was the obvious next step, a natural progression.”

Causeway Live Design is the first 'live' civil engineering design platform that brings all infrastructure disciplines into one design environment. If you'd like to see how it could start making an instant difference to your business, book a 30-minute demo here.

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