Hanover Building Services is an award-winning building services provider that specialises in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating and renewable energy installations.

Hanover has been working with Causeway Donseed biometric labour management system for more than 18 months. We spoke to Office Manager, Danielle Della to learn more about their experience with this product.

Read on to find out how well Causeway Donseed helped Hanover to:

  • Tackle buddy punching onsite
  • Remove coronavirus challenges with facial recognition technology

Customer Information


Customer Name: Hanover Building Services

Industry: Electrical and mechanical contractor

Causeway Solution:

Causeway Donseed

The Challenge:

Eradicating buddy punching onsite


Hanover was attracted to Causeway Donseed after hearing about its success on other sites, and how it uses each individual worker’s biometric data to clock them in and out of the site.

Danielle explained how the company was working with a competitor before moving to Causeway but wanted an upgrade from their previous system, as the business was failing to eradicate “buddy punching” onsite.

Hanover found that employees were asking their colleagues to sign in or out of a site for them – a common issue on construction sites which can be difficult to tackle without the right technology. Hundreds of hours were being paid by Hanover, without any work being completed.

Danielle commented:

“While using our previous system, which was card-based, we were having a lot of problems on-site. Employees were not turning up to work or turning up late but giving their card details to other employees so that they could still sign in on time.”


Unlike passwords, fobs, smartcards or paper timesheets, which have been traditionally used in construction labour management, biometric identifiers like facial recognition are a secure and accurate way of identifying people attending the site.


This was also helpful to Danielle’s team during COVID-19 restrictions as Hanover was able to function effectively and safely using the facial recognition system as there was no need to use a touch-based solution (which could lead to the spread of Coronavirus).

Biometric timesheet data

Record accurate site attendance details

Hanover has a wealth of experience delivering projects across both the public and private sectors and their portfolio of work includes new build housing, schools, hospitals, healthcare centres and leisure centres, as well as refurbishment and facilities maintenance.


With so much ground to cover, the reporting function has been incredibly helpful for Danielle who heads up Accounts and Payroll at Hanover.


“The reports are very beneficial; they are extremely clear and give you all of the information you need in one place.”


By using Donseed, Hanover have been able to keep their data consistent, reliable and accurate. Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution can, therefore, provide them with significant project insights that are accessible in real-time via the Causeway Donseed portal.

“Having the option between fingerprint and facial recognition options really appealed to us.”

Danielle DellaOffice Manager

Dedicated customer service

Understanding user challanges

When discussing the benefits of Causeway Donseed, outside of productivity and accuracy, Danielle highlighted customer service and support:


“When deciding on a labour management system, customer service was really important to us. The support team at Causeway are great, they always respond really quickly and have resolved any issues that we’ve had.”


We want to understand our customer’s challenges, which is why Causeway Donseed has a dedicated customer support page where our customers can raise tickets, download the latest training guides and access product logins.


Having similar issues on site? To learn how the Causeway Donseed biometric time system eliminates buddy punching, saves you money and enhances health and safety, contact us for a demo today.

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