Hanson Contracting is a national road surfacing and infrastructure business that has extensive experience in highway construction works throughout the UK, including the ‘High-Speed for National Highways’ initiative.

Chris Harrison, Business Manager at Hanson Contracting, wanted to transform the organisation’s operational processes and get real-time data from its mobile workforce management software.

Working with Causeway Ermeo, Chris and his team have been able to achieve this and more, digitising their site records (saving four hours of admin time per week) and improving efficiency with the user-friendly solution.

Learn more about Hanson Contracting's digital journey by watching the video below.


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Located in the South West of England, County Contractors is a specialist contractor focused on refurbishing hotels and retail spaces.

The company has recently adopted Causeway Ermeo, our mobile workforce management solution that connects site and office-based teams via web and mobile software. This decision comes after the success of using Causeway Donseed on several past projects.

Ian Hitchens, Associate Director at County Contracting, wanted a simple and user-friendly solution where they could record point of delivery information.

Working with Causeway Ermeo, Ian and his team have been able to achieve this and more, with employees saving over two and a half hours per day per week on admin. 

Learn more about County Contractor's digital journey by watching the video below.


Customer Information


Customer Name: County Contractors

Industry: Hotel and retail refurbishment

Causeway Solution:

Causeway Ermeo


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