Multidisciplinary consultancy ORS and engineering consultancy PHM Consulting have invested in Causeway’s Flow solution to streamline their drainage analysis and design processes and improve their capabilities.

PHM Consulting, based in Limerick in the Republic of Ireland, is a civil, structural, and environmental engineering specialist with experience in a wide range of sectors. ORS is a multidisciplinary building consultancy with offices across Ireland as well as one in West Yorkshire. It provides a wide array of services including structural, civil, and infrastructure engineering alongside environmental design and flood risk management.

Both businesses had been carrying out drainage analysis using time-consuming and inefficient manual, spreadsheet-based methods. Causeway Flow provides a powerful end-to-end hydraulic modelling solution for detailed analysis and design of storm and foul water drainage networks. Using a state-of-the-art hydraulic engine, it provides modelling that is accurate to real-world conditions and fully supports Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) design.

As part of its expansion in the Irish construction sector, Causeway approached PHM Consulting to introduce the team to what Causeway’s solutions could offer. PHM Consulting had been interested in improving how it carried out drainage design but believed that dedicated software solutions would not be cost-effective. An overview and demonstration of Flow showed PHM Consulting the efficiencies that could be achieved and proved the value of the investment.

Similarly, a recent increase in the number of projects requiring detailed and accurate drainage design meant that ORS was looking at how it could improve its processes. The team approached Causeway to find out more about Flow and invited Causeway to tender. When compared directly with competitor solutions, Flow was selected as the preferred option based on technical capabilities, cost considerations and the flexibility offered by Causeway’s cloud-based licencing model.

Unlike some licencing technologies, which can be restrictive, especially if users are not always located in the same place, Causeway solutions are licensed via the cloud. This allows users to have simple and easy access from different devices when working remotely or from other offices.

Both PHM Consulting and ORS have now fully implemented Causeway Flow, with the Causeway technical team providing support throughout the process.

Causeway Flow is a powerful end-to-end hydraulic modelling solution. If you'd like to see how Causeway Flow could start making an instant difference to your business, book your 30-minute demo here.

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