MAC Roofing & Contracting has started its rollout of Causeway Donseed, a cloud-based biometric labour management solution for construction sites. The leading roofing and cladding outfit wanted a biometric solution that recorded accurate site attendance while cutting-out the unreliability of paper timesheets.

Mac Roofing & Contracting chose the Causeway Donseed solution because the compact touchscreen biometric devices that are positioned on site deliver everything the management team required, and more.

Instead of dealing with mountains of unreliable and time-consuming paperwork, employees now place their finger on the tablet before entering and leaving the site.

Back office staff can access this data in real-time because the system stores everything in the cloud.

Peter Morana, Group Commercial Director of Mac Roofing & Contracting, said: ‘’As a Group we took the decision to Invest in the Causeway Donseed Technology. The decision was two-fold. Firstly to ensure our clients expectations were met in terms of hours on site and secondly to ensure that operatives were paid fairly for actual hours worked. In just a short space of time the business is seeing massive benefits.”

Before partnering with Causeway, Mac Roofing & Contracting employees clocked into sites using the principal contractor’s own solution. However, management rarely got access to data, forcing the company to manage the process with paper timesheets that slowed progress and led to labour overpayments.

Causeway’s Donseed system uses accurate biometric technology to verify and report on the actual hours that workers are onsite. Now Mac Roofing & Contracting can monitor their workforce in real-time, understand costs, and improve project profitability.

Also, the biometric solution strengthens Mac Roofing & Contracting's commitment to health and safety excellence. Managers know precisely who is onsite in real-time and which qualifications they have, which supports compliance and helps leaders manage the workforce better.

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