Michael Nugent Ltd, a leading mechanical and electrical services provider in Northern Ireland, has implemented the Causeway Donseed biometric solution across all of their major construction projects.

The contractor needed a biometric solution that accurately captures the hours worked on site and also stores the workforce’s data in one cloud database while supporting its health and safety commitments.

Before partnering with Causeway, the contractor had tried a number of electronic time and attendance platforms but found that they were not robust enough for construction sites, and didn’t provide the data in real-time via the cloud.

In contrast, the Causeway Donseed solution, which has been designed for the construction industry, will enable the contractor to surface data in real-time from a single location, giving the management team the control they need to reduce labour costs, paperwork and project risks.

Michael Nugent Ltd has chosen to use the Causeway Donseed portable all-in-one biometric tablet, which monitors clocking in and out with both fingerprint and facial recognition verification. 

Speaking about the implementation, Brendan Gildernew, Contracts Director at Michael Nugent Ltd, said: “We needed to know more than just the hours worked. We wanted to see data in real-time that helped us understand costs better while giving us the agility to make effective decisions. Our sites will be using both fingerprint recognition and facial recognition technology to verify identity at the point of sign in and out.”

The contractor can now access a whole host of labour management data from one centralised location in the cloud. The data will help to ensure compliance by managing time and attendance, tracking training, recording PPE conformance and sending automated email alerts when certifications are expiring.

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