Founded in 2014, Penfro Consultancy Limited are chartered quantity surveyors and cost consultants based in Pembrokeshire, in West Wales.

After receiving a funding grant from the Welsh Government for investment into IT software, Penfro Consultancy approached Causeway to assist with this.

Since using Causeway CATO, the business has been able to optimise the accuracy and timeliness of its cost planning and cost management functions.

Having worked with Causeway for nearly two years, we spoke to Managing Director, Robert Davies to learn more about their experience with Causeway.


The Challenge:


Digitise and maintain a professional approach


Penfro Consultancy's chartered surveyors and cost consultants provide commercial and contract support to regional, national and international contractors within the construction industry.


With an impressive portfolio of clients on their books, Robert wanted to invest in a reliable solution that would help their business to reduce its turnaround time and improve efficiency across the team.


Penfro Consultancy needed a “consistent and professional approach to cost planning,” added Robert.


Robert went on to talk about how digitalisation was a key objective for business growth, which led them to Causway CATO:


“I want to keep innovating our business, standardise it and maintain professionalism for our clients, which is why we chose to work with Causeway.


“We were always interested in doing so, however, the period of disruption which comes with any technology change, delayed our decision slightly. 


“To any business thinking about making the move to Causeway and digitalising their business, I would say bite the bullet, using CATO we have been able to reduce turnaround time by 50%!”

Streamlined processes


With user-friendly CATO


Since working with Causeway, Penfro has been able to pick up its pace by automating the measurement process. While speaking to Robert, he described how his team have benefitted from CATO’s  BIMMeasure integrated component. Robert said:


“It’s a useful checkpoint when completing a measure and it’s very easy to use. This solution allows our team to review and check the measure in 3D, ensuring everything has been picked up.” 


The BIMMeasure tool was a key factor behind the decision to choose Causeway CATO.  Using the  BIMMeasure tool has made it quicker and easier when working on measurements. Robert commented:


“Having all the dimensions in the folder is great, it makes our approach more streamlined!


“We can also export this work into excel, which means we can share it with non-CATO users.”


BIMMeasure allows users to open their source information including DWG, PDF, IFC and native Revit files (RVT).

“Having Causeway CATO has made a massive difference to our business. Once you get the solution up and running, it will have a positive impact on the efficiency of your business"


Robert DaviesPenfro Consultancy, Managing Director


The Outcome:


Increased productivity levels by 25%


When pinpointing CATO’s biggest benefits, Robert told us how the solution has supported his team’s efforts to minimise errors and claims that it has boosted productivity by an outstanding 25%!


“In terms of jobs coming in, being measured, billed and sent out to clients - productivity within the team has been significantly enhanced.”


Robert also highlighted the value of moving away from a more generic approach to cost planning:


“It’s a good platform, we now rely less on Excel spreadsheets anymore.


We no longer have issues with lost spreadsheets or missing links. We don’t need to check every line item, and the formatting takes care of itself.


Even going back and editing with CATO is much more efficient, everything changes automatically, without any fuss or hassle.”


CATO is an excellent solution for businesses like Penfro Consultancy that want to maintain a streamlined reporting style, which reflects their brand image.


“With CATO everything is in a consistent format which massively speeds up the process,” Robert added.


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