Sisk Group is an innovative, international, construction and engineering business with a long-term vision and over 160 years in operation. Sisk Group employs approximately 1,900 people and is Ireland's leading provider of construction services. With extensive operations across Ireland, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, Sisk Group has the track record, scale and capacity to successfully undertake large, complex multidisciplinary programmes. Sisk Group is recognised by global clients as a world leader in safe delivery.


Sisk Group delivers projects and programmes in key sectors such as Data and Technology, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Transportation, Healthcare, Commercial, Residential, Retail, Industrial, Leisure, Education and Energy. Sisk Group offers a life-cycle approach from planning and offsite construction, through delivering and fitting out a project safely and sustainably, with technology as a key enabler. Sisk Group also works with clients to help manage and maintain buildings efficiently throughout their lifespan.

We are proud to announce that the business has now implemented Causeway’s Supplier Management solution across its UK, Ireland and Europe divisions.

Having already been using Causeway Tradex e-Invoicing for over a year, we spoke to Claire Hendrick, IT Project Manager, who is part of the IT Projects team enabling Sisk Group on their digital journey, to learn more about the organisation’s experience with Causeway’s product portfolio so far. 


Getting Started:


With Causeway Tradex


By choosing Causeway Tradex, Sisk Group joined thousands of other construction companies using the platform. Due to the popularity of Causeway Tradex in the UK, the majority of Sisk Group's UK-based supply chain were familiar with the platform, and were already sending e-invoices through it.


Since implementing Causeway Tradex in July 2021, the accounts payable team has experienced considerable time savings and gained greater confidence in their e-Invoicing processes, so much so that the company is rolling the solution out Enterprise-wide. 


“We are rolling the solution out quickly across the business; this will not only support our accounts payable function but using Causeway Tradex is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to submit invoices securely and supports our efforts to go fully paperless shortly,” said Claire.


Causeway Tradex is the UK’s largest construction-specific ‘true’ e-invoicing solution. The solution makes invoice management simple and drastically reduces the likelihood of payment delays. 

“Although our digital transformation journey with Causeway is just beginning, working with their team has helped us to be more efficient, pay our suppliers on time and gain greater visibility across our finances.”

Claire Hendrick IT Project Manager


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