Skanska go live with Causeway to support with Cost, Value and Operational delivery across highways maintenance contracts. 

Causeway has unrivalled experience working with many top performing main contractors within UK Highways, with solutions that fully support the delivery of contracts as complex as those within Skanska’s highways business.

Skanska has decades of experience in highways maintenance across the UK, with teams working around the clock, every day of the year. They provide a full suite of highways services including reactive and cyclical maintenance and emergency support.

Given the scope of works that Skanska performs, such as highways maintenance, gully cleansing and emergency response, Causeway aims to offer a degree of flexibility to satisfy the different contract needs, whilst also providing a way of working complementary to common operations across the contracts.

Causeway’s software solutions deliver a full end-to-end integrated system to digitise all of the key operational processes to reduce error, improve efficiency and drive down cost. Causeway’s Maintenance solution is made up of a number of interconnected modules based around a core of Project Accounting.

Now live within three of its highways maintenance contracts, Skanska is embracing the Causeway solution which manages all of the business processes associated with the capture and management of cost information at the same time as bringing all functions into one place for scheduling, noticing, electronic job packs, mobile working and completions, whilst improving data visibility across all contracts allowing for quick and easy data analysis so problem areas can be highlighted and investigated in real-time.

“We’ve partnered with Causeway to successfully implement a solution that delivers cost, value and operational management into several contracts within our highways portfolio. The close partnership has resulted in a strong collaborative focus on the solution. We’ve received excellent feedback from users who have embraced and adopted new ways of working with energy and enthusiasm.” Danny Horscroft, Systems Director – Infrastructure Services, Skanska.

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