As part of a drive to streamline its digital technologies, global engineering and professional services business, WSP has added Causeway Flow to its techstack. This implementation has brought benefits to its teams across three continents.


In 2022, WSP acquired two major businesses, Capita REI and GL Hearn, and added 1,000 UK-based employees to the global WSP workforce of 63,000. To ensure a smooth integration of the new businesses, reduce the complexity of its IT infrastructure, and eliminate silos, WSP took the opportunity to review the software solutions it utilised.

The group had been using two different drainage design software solutions: Capita REI for Causeway Flow and an alternative software for WSP. As a result, they sought to consolidate their vendor relationships and find a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

WSP had a crucial requirement for the replacement: it needed to seamlessly integrate with current workflows and software, including Causeway PDS, Autodesk Civil 3D and AutoCAD. And with thousands of engineers working across various global offices, they needed a flexible licensing model. Their existing pay-as-you-go token system meant managing and administering tokens can require more effort and resources. Additionally, users could inadvertently exceed their budget if they don't closely monitor their usage, leading to unexpected costs.

The Capita REI team were an advocate of Causeway Flow, and since WSP already used Causeway for our Line & Sign package, it paved the way for WSP to explore Flow for their other offices.

WSP is now rolling out Causeway Flow across its offices worldwide including in Asia, Africa and Europe. To facilitate onboarding, Causeway's in-house experts are collaborating closely with WSP to create a personalised implementation plan. This has been designed to help minimise the disruption and ensure that all engineers can use the software effectively, demonstrating their commitment to supporting and investing in their employees. WSP also utilises the online learning management platform Causeway Learn to provide different options to suit varying learning styles.

Yalda Majdabadi, Senior Account Manager at Causeway, commented:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to strengthen our partnership with WSP. This marks a significant step in WSP’s digital transformation strategy as it works to streamline business operations, optimise its tech stacks and deliver value engineering. We’re eager to continue supporting WSP in its commitment to deliver world-class engineering.”

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