TSS Facilities are the latest of Causeway’s long-standing customers to extend their use of the Causeway suite, adding Dashboards and Livestax to their technology stack.

The HVAC service providers have been customers of Causeway for over 20 years, having first implemented Causeway ViXEN to better manage their accounting, later implementing solutions to manage their planned and reactive maintenance activities. TSS Facilities’ relationship with Causeway has continued to grow over the years, with the organisation having now implemented a total of five Causeway solutions across the business.

Most recently, TSS Facilities opted to implement both Causeway’s Livestax and Dashboard solutions respectively, with the aim of improving visibility for both their management team and customers.

The Livestax platform has allowed TSS Facilities to provide their customers with an intuitive portal which can be used to access live information on their maintenance jobs, resulting in significant time savings for both parties. The platform also allows customers to raise jobs directly through the portal, meaning the process can be entirely automated once TSS receives the request.

TSS Facilities also decided to implement Causeway’s Dashboards solution to provide their management team with improved visibility over the financial status of the business, as well as helping to monitor performance and KPI’s across departments. Prior to implementing the software, TSS facilities were working manually from spreadsheets, which was laborious and slow. With the new Dashboards system in place, all of this data is now readily available for the management team to access.

For more information on Causeway’s Livestax or Dashboard solutions, and how we help your organisation to harness the benefits of digitisation, get in touch with one of our specialists on +44(0) 1628 552000.

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