In episode #12 Trevor and Bill speak honestly about removing the stigma of mental health from on-site and give information on how Lighthouse Club can support construction workers and their families. 


Time-stamped highlights:

[0:10] Peter gets the podcast started

[0:52] Bill’s introduction

[1:00] Trevor’s Introduction

[1:15] Bill Hill talks about what the Lighthouse Charity does

[2:18] Trevor shares his journey with mental health and his experiences within the world of football

[5:05] “Ask Twice” - Listening to colleagues and changing the stigma around mental health on site

[9:39] Bill gives insight into the construction industry’s battle against poor mental health

[13:20] Trevor talks about joining the dots between construction, football, and mental health

[17:01] Causeway Technologies “Mental Health On-Site Survey”

[22:00] The impact of education around mental health

[23:21] Bill talks about supporting loved ones struggling with their mental health

[24:15] Finding your “energy source” and coping strategies

[24:40] Staying positive – how to battle depressive episodes

[25:01] Technology and the effect it can have on mental health

[25:50] Rising statistics around suicide – how can we prevent this?

[26:33] Male dominancy in construction – 87% of men in the industry

[27:04] 5000 male suicides per year

[27:47] On average we are losing 2 construction works every working day

[28:03] Construction workers are battling the stigma against stress, anxiety, and depression

[28:39] How Lighthouse Club are supporting families affected by suicide

[29:15] Financial issues often linked to stress

[29:40] Getting the message out there – Lighthouse Club are going out on-site

[35:05] Find access to resources with technology

[37:54] Bill and Trevor share their closing thoughts

[40:02] Peter closes the episode

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