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Episode 20: From Tools to Tech: Introducing Causeway’s COO Paul Devlin

Our Speakers This Week

Paul Devlin
Paul Devlin

Chief Operating Officer

Causeway Technologies


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Paul Devlin

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Paul Devlin

Chief Operating Officer

Causeway Technologies


Paul Devlin is a distinguished leader renowned for his exceptional career building successful sales functions and driving revenue growth. With over 15 years of executive leadership experience spanning Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, Paul's global business acumen is unparalleled.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Causeway, Paul brings a unique blend of expertise from diverse sectors, seamlessly integrating technology solutions with the intricacies of the construction industry. His role is pivotal in Causeway's mission to revolutionise construction through digital transformation.

Paul is set to unveil an impactful go-to-market strategy that will shape Causeway's trajectory. His cross-industry experience and visionary leadership will undoubtedly steer Causeway towards operational excellence and enduring success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Peter Haddock
Peter Haddock
Construction Talk

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Peter Haddock

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Peter Haddock
Construction Talk

Peter Haddock is a journalist, influencer content creator and communications professional with over 16 years' experience in the construction sector.

He runs Content With Media and is a correspondent for Construction Manager, Earthmovers Magazine, Plant and Civil Engineer and other titles in the industry.

Time-stamped highlights:


Peter introduces Paul Devlin, COO at Causeway Technologies  Gateway


Paul spent four years in the industry thirty years ago


"I spent thirty years in the technology world working with telecom companies,  retailers and banks, helping them take advantage of this digital transformation. I think everybody knows that the construction world is now getting there. And wants to start to take advantage of it. And from a Causeway perspective, it really is about being where our customers are going to be."


Paul acknowledges that the construction industry is evolving and embracing new technologies and approaches. He emphasises that it's crucial for Causeway to keep up with these changes.


Paul views the need to stay ahead of industry changes as an exciting challenge. He mentions the term "disruptor" and compares it to how industries like automotive (electric cars, represented by Tesla) and communication (Google and social media) have been disrupted. He sees Causeway's role as a disruptor in the construction industry.


Paul discusses the strategic decisions and investments made by Causeway to scale the organisation's impact and value to its customers. 


Paul shares his thoughts on the digitalisation and technological advancements taking place in the construction industry, particularly on construction sites.


Paul highlights the significant changes and challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the context of how businesses had to adapt and think creatively. 


"We have changed and we have developed the construction industry, and that mindset of change is that whole behavioural change that we now need to go as an industry."


Paul talks about supporting micro businesses that exist within the supply chain of hundreds of people and thousands of businesses. These smaller businesses play a crucial role in the larger ecosystem.


"Every single day, you know, our thinking is is really about how do we work not only with our customers, but also the ecosystem to how and how do we find ways to simplify."


"We'll be ready to apply artificial intelligence to the processes..."


 "When I think of construction and, you know, I think about the joy that construction brings to people's lives."


"I think there's a huge opportunity for us to bring new talent into this industry."


Paul talks about Causeway efforts to improve mental health onsite.


"I'm genuinely really excited about what I think networks and the power networks can bring to this industry."


Paul shares his closing thoughts.


Peter wraps up the podcast.


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