In episode #16 of Construction Talk, Asset Management Director at National Highways, Lila Tachtsi, shares insights from her 25+ years of experience in the road sector. Lila provides Peter with a fascinating look at National Highways' role in enabling more than 4 million journeys daily and delves into National Highways' innovative approach to data and technology.

Lila also explains how the organisation utilises technology to gain a deeper understanding of its assets, making it a trailblazer in this area. Tune in to episode #16 of Construction Talk to learn more from Lila's wealth of knowledge in the field.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter gets the podcast started

[00:40] Lila gives insight into her career and discusses her role at National Highways

[2.21] National Highways enable 4 million journeys every day

[3:30] Changing mindsets around asset management

[4:35] The processes National Highways has in place to keep roads open and safe

[5.40] Making decisions on performance – “managing service rather than managing the asset”

[7:00] Thinking about the “lifecycle of the asset”

[8:06] Understanding assets with technology

[10:23] Rationalising and measuring the right data

[11.07] Working in partnership with the supply chain

[11.46] National Highways work with Causeway Technologies

[13.50] Staying transparent with National Highway’s Asset Management Policy

[16.50] National Highways is fully committed to their Net Zero targets

[17.35] “Every carbon investment counts”

[22:00] National Highways is “passionate” about investing in innovation

[25:01] The importance of modernising their systems and approach

[27:30] Lila is collaborating with colleagues across Europe and Australia and hopes to “push the boundaries” when it comes to innovation

[33:00] Prioritising technology

[35.27] Learning from mistakes and enabling employees with the right technology and data

[40:20] The role digital plays in understanding assets

[42:59] Peter asks Lila how the industry can attract new talent into the sector

[43:57] Lila shares her closing thoughts

[45:00] Peter wraps up the podcast


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