In episode #3 of Construction Talk, Matthew and Peter talk about how technology can generate and harvest lots of data. By aligning systems and centralising data, The Bennie Group has created data-led strategies that save huge amounts of time and money.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:46] Matthew, a young leader at 30 years old

[01.13] How The Bennie Group started and who they are now

[02.50] Taking on the MD role during a pandemic

[04.10] Investing in the business and views on the diesel change

[06.04] Doing your bit for the environment

[07.01] Investing in people and bringing in youngsters

[08.04] Gravitating naturally towards technology

[09.58] Ripping things out to align and centralise systems

[11.14] Data doesn’t lie

[13.57] It can’t be data for data’s sake

[16.32] Business is all about testing and seeing if things work

[18.32] The advantage to using tech and business intelligence

[20.19] Questioning whether bespoke tech is needed

[20.59] Early adopters of Causeway Ermeo

[22.28] Matthew, a leader in diversity and inclusion

[25.09] The three Ps – People, Planet and Profit

[27.55] How Matthew has taken action for diversity and inclusion

[28.53] Keeping the family element while investing in skills and environment

[31.59] Working with the Department of Pensions to train youngsters

[32.32] Kids have been starved of connections because of the pandemic

[33.14] Roles are going to be more technical, so new talent is vital

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