In episode #7 of Construction Talk, Chris talks about his role as Partnerships Manager at Digital Construction Skills – a CITB funded programme to support contractors in Scotland.

Chris talks about the work Digital Construction Skills do to educate construction SMEs (companies with a turnover of less than £50m) about the digital tools available to them.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:43] Chris introduces himself

[01.47] Setting up Digital Construction Skills

[03.32] Accelerating the adoption of digital tools in construction SMEs

[05.38] Every company has their own journey to digitisation

[06.51] Educating the industry about digital construction

[07.47] People are the key element

[10.29] Beyond the technology

[12.33] Demystifying digitisation for construction

[12.51] Getting real-time visibility and confidence in costs

[15.17] What does digital really mean

[19.05] The steps to digitisation and overcoming change management

[20.05] Identifying the problems you are looking to solve

[22.22] A 360 view and sharing information

[24.06] Embracing social value

[24.58] Understanding the complexity of construction SMEs

[27.30] Funding and business support available

[29.25] How Digital Construction Skills are supporting businesses

[30.46] Chris and Peter sign off from the podcast

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