In episode #8 of Construction talk which was recorded live on the Main Stage of Digital Construction Week 2022, Nathan Marsh talks about how “invisible helpers” – the technology you don’t see or hear about – are making a real difference to construction companies today.

Listen back to the recording to hear how these “invisible helpers” are enabling the construction industry to leverage the power of digital to work towards increased productivity, carbon neutrality, and profitability.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:23] Peter gets the podcast started

[01.43] Introducing the idea of “invisible helpers”

[03.32] Moving into digital fire programmes

[04.37] Taking the first step

[08.44] Getting ready to talk and think digital

[09.48] Forming relationships with digital partners

[11.18] Finding the balance in diversity

[12.40] Quantifying the benefits of digital transformation

[16.30] Getting digital in close proximity with profit and loss

[18.31] Construction moving into a digital landscape

[20.39] DCW shows how the industry is changing

[21.17] Exciting technologies coming down the line

[21.55] There’s no shortage of data in our industry

[23.25] Driving productivity

[24.55] Q&A from the DCW audience

[27.13] Nathan and Peter sign off from the podcast 

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