As the construction industry segues seamlessly into the world of BIM, it is evident that there are still those whom prefer to work using the practices of yesteryear rather than those of today.

To this cryptic end, I refer to the use of the scale rule for measuring from hard copy drawings rather than the use of an onscreen measurement tool such as BIMMeasure. Not only would we save acres of forests from a slow and painful, A0-sized depletion, but more importantly, we would streamline our own working techniques and become more efficient. 

A well-known global consultancy firm recently conducted a fairly simple exercise to attempt to quantify the metrics around the potential time savings when using an onscreen take off tool. The exercise involved one quantity surveyor, experienced in using a scale rule and a second, experienced in using BIMMeasure.

The pair were given the same elements to measure from the same drawing – albeit one in hard copy format, the second in CAD. The result was astounding. The BIMMeasure user completed the exercise in half the time it took his learned colleague.

If we now analyse the findings and begin to quantify them, the results become interesting. If we were to give a nominal value to an hour of each of our QS’s time, say £25. If we also assume that using a scale rule, the QS would do a conservative 8 hours per week measuring, we can soon quantify the savings.

With circa 400 hours of savings at £25 per hour – we save £10,000. Multiply this by the number of consultants doing this much measurement each week and you will have your estimated potential overall saving.

In summary, these are the benefits of adopting BIMMeasure in your practice

  • Save up to 50% of time
  • Supports BIM (IFC/DWF), CAD, PDF, Image files
  • Integrates directly with NRM1 Cost Planning module
  • Integrates directly with NRM2 BQ module
  • Fully supported by UK and UAE helpdesks


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