The first wave of the pandemic altered the future facing all businesses, including construction. Our latest white paper discusses how an unprecedented global situation presents opportunities for cost consultants to thrive in a changing world.

As client organisations, contractors and the consultants and supply chain that support them look ahead towards further potential waves, it must be with eyes wide open. Yet it can also be with optimism because, as a sector, construction is far more fortunate than most.

History has proven many times that investing in infrastructure and the public environment is a way for governments to drive recovery. A promise to ‘build, build, build’ is only the surface slogan of an existing imperative to invest. The need for new and modernised infrastructure, power networks, hospitals, flood defences and housing existed long before the coronavirus.

The delayed £13.5bn national construction framework has already restarted, and the accompanying £1bn consultancy framework will do the same. The sector will unquestionably benefit from the pending relaxation of planning regulation, impacting both expansion and development of public projects like schools and hospitals, and many private brownfield developments. Operational momentum is now returning to the sector after lockdown, though many challenges lie ahead.

In this white paper, we explore how this might present opportunity for cost consultants and how they can prepare to capitalise on these to not only survive but thrive in a changing world.


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