eway Case Study: Aztec Construction Demonstrates ROI with Biometrics

Case Study: Aztec Construction Demonstrates ROI with Biometrics

Topics: Biometric Time and Attendance, Donseed

Before using biometric technology on site, Aztec Construction were relying on old-fashioned paper timesheets to collate time and attendance records on site. The business has now implemented the Causeway Donseed cloud-based solution and is reaping the benefits of having access to real-time, accurate data across all of their live sites.

Aztec Construction's Clear ROI with Biometrics Timesheets

Martin Price, Managing Director of Aztec Construction discusses the business' implementation of the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution and the benefits they’ve achieved. When the business initially moved over to the biometrics, they ran their previous manual paper timesheets system concurrently for three months and, in that three month period, had they had been using the biometric timesheets for payroll they would have saved an incredible £28,000.

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