Before using the Causeway Donseed solution on site, Woodlands Site Services were relying on old-fashioned paper timesheets to collate time and attendance records. The business has now implemented biometrics and the cost-effective Causeway Donseed mobile app solution and is reaping the benefits of having access to real-time, accurate data across all of their live sites.

Woodland Site Services' Journey to Digital Timesheets

Peter Gillibrand, Project Manager and CRE at Woodlands Site Services, talks about how the business has digitised their time and attendance with the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution.

Woodlands Site Services operates primarily in the construction industry, acting as subcontractors for a wide variety of construction activities covering electrical, mechanical, security systems, underground utilities, data services and energy solutions.

Peter said: “Since first implementing the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution onto 3 of our larger sites in 2018, we have deployed in excess of 20 Donseed mobile app licenses across the business. Introducing the Causeway Donseed mobile app has enabled our business to completely remove paper timesheets. No matter how small our projects are or the number of operatives we have on site, the business now has complete visibility of who was on site, hours worked and more.”

He added: “Typically we use the information collected through the Causeway Donseed solution to quickly collate time spent on site and provide our payroll with accurate, indisputable reports which they then invoice from. It has had a significant impact on how we engage with our labour management, in particular.”

As Woodlands Site Services continue to roll-out new functionality available with the Causeway Donseed solution Peter anticipates that the solution will also become a key tool for the health and safety team, enabling them to ensure reporting on key site safety metrics is accurate and sites are legally compliant at all times.

Peter concluded: “Although we are still in the early stages of adopting the Causeway Donseed solution, the benefits we’ve seen since replacing our outdated paper timesheets have been brilliant. The availability of this live project data is also starting to allow our health and safety teams to calculate accident frequency reports and provide up-to-the-minute near miss reporting. We would definitely recommend the solution to any other contractor thinking about digitising their on-site labour management processes.”

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