If we are to take full advantage of BIM and the opportunities that it offers, we need to be very clear what is involved in delivering a successful BIM project.  The BIM Delivery Cube (The Cube) provides a simple, yet powerful, information source that facilitates informed and effective project teams. 

To accelerate BIM adoption, we need to address the questions that all stakeholders, through design, build, operate and maintenance phases all need to answer:

  • What do we need to do?
  • What tools do we need?
  • What skills do we need?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How much will it cost?

Importantly, The Cube also establishes a common reference point that can be updated, in light of experience, to remain relevant.

It is important to remember that BIM is a technology enabled information process that relies heavily on two further elements – collaboration and early engagement.

The Cube’s three axes are Stakeholders, Work Stage and Delivery Component. In true “BIM fashion”, The Cube can be sliced across these planes to deliver the specific information required.  To support early engagement and collaboration between stakeholders, The Cube can also be used to reveal the world, as seen from the perspective of other project stakeholders.

As such, the ‘Cube’ plays two key roles:

1. An aid to understanding.

2. A mechanism for sharing understanding and learning.

Development of The Cube drew on the experience of different stakeholders. Crucially, The Cube can evolve and improve as a result of practical experience.

I would therefore suggest that The Cube will play a vital role in building an informed community that is equipped to collaborate in delivering BIM success.

Discover more in this interactive BIM Delivery Cube.

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