In the past six months, a record-breaking number of construction businesses have adopted Causeway Flow drainage design software. In particular, there are many new customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, including engineering consultancies Gilligan and TOBIN, as well as architecture and engineering practice Brian O’Kennedy & Associates.

Belfast-based engineering consultancy Gilligan recently invested in Causeway Flow to ensure compliance and streamline the approval process for drainage submissions under new requirements from Northern Ireland Water (NI Water). The adoption of Causeway Flow has allowed Gilligan to speed up previously time-consuming work and ensure the business is always up to date with the latest requirements thanks to regular updates to the software.

For TOBIN, which has offices across Ireland, choosing Causeway Flow came as a result of the need to swap out its legacy drainage solution, which is no longer receiving support from the software provider. After trialling two software options, Causeway Flow was selected due to its flexible, cost-effective cloud-based licensing model, features and performance.

Brian O’Kennedy Associates, based in Cork, did not have a drainage design solution in place. Following a full review of the software on the market, including demonstrations of the products, Causeway Flow was selected on the basis of its features and price. Brian O’Kennedy Associates has also adopted the Causeway Live Design platform, a ‘live' civil engineering design platform that brings all infrastructure disciplines into one design environment. With Causeway Flow fully integrated into the platform, engineers can easily create optimal and compliant designs with no need to switch between different software packages.

Causeway Flow is a powerful end-to-end hydraulic modelling solution for the analysis and design of compliant and cost-effective drainage networks. Using a state-of-the-art hydraulic engine, Causeway Flow allows modelling that is accurate to real-world conditions, including the newly released FEH22 rainfall modelling. It also fully supports the analysis and design of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). 

Unlike legacy drainage solutions used by many businesses, Causeway is undergoing continual development to ensure it always remains up to date and customers benefit from the latest advancements. The Causeway team also provides full support, not only in transitioning from one solution to another but at every stage.

Brent Olivier, Senior Solution Manager at Causeway, said:

"We are pleased to see the growing adoption of Causeway Flow – particularly across Ireland – and see how our solutions are driving digital transformation for businesses of all sizes. We are excited to continue working and supporting even more organisations across the UK and Ireland in achieving their business goals.”

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