Following a successful trial of Causeway Flow, engineering consultancy Awcock Ward Partnership (AWP) has expanded its use of the powerful end-to-end drainage design solution with the purchase of further licences.

AWP is an award-winning engineering consultancy based in Exeter that specialises in providing development planning and infrastructure services. In 2022, its team began a search for an effective drainage design solution to replace its existing software, which was being sunsetted by the supplier. 

In November 2022, following an evaluation of the available options, the AWP team chose to trial Causeway Flow, purchasing a small number of licences for its engineers to use. The implementation of Causeway Flow was a success, with the AWP team finding that it provided seamless integration with existing workflows, including Civil 3D and AutoCAD. For example, engineers can produce the drainage model in Flow, integrate it with Civil 3D to produce the 3D output, and then bring it back to Flow to produce the hydraulic model. This significantly reduces the double handling of data and simplifies processes.

As a result of the positive feedback from the engineers using Causeway Flow, AWP has expanded its licence pool to allow wider use of the software among its growing team.

Another important consideration for AWP was the software's scalability to meet the needs of its rapidly growing team. Causeway’s cloud-based floating licence model allows the software to be shared across multiple users and offices. This licencing model has saved the business a significant amount of money and will allow further growth to be accommodated cost-effectively. 

Furthermore, AWP is committed to recruiting new staff members at the start of their careers and then supporting them through their academic and professional training. They have invested in providing all the necessary tools, including our online learning management platform Causeway Learn and trainer-led courses, to minimise disruption and ensure all the engineers can use Causeway Flow effectively.

In addition, James Blyth, the senior engineer who led the adoption of Causeway Flow, recently participated in a drainage design focus group with other Flow users. These sessions enable users of the software to provide feedback on their experiences and contribute to the development of the product roadmap. This is just part of Causeway’s efforts to work collaboratively with clients to ensure its software solutions are continually developed to meet the evolving requirements of the industry.

Brent Olivier, Senior Solutions Manager at Causeway, said, “We're excited to deepen our partnership with AWP. This marks a significant achievement in their journey towards digital transformation and delivering value-driven engineering solutions. We're eager to continue working closely with James and his team in their commitment to providing world-class projects.”


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