Before using facial recognition technology on site, VKE Contractors were relying on paper timesheets across to collate time and attendance records and manage health and safety. The business has now implemented the Causeway Donseed biometric facial recognition solution onto its larger commercial sites.

VKE Contractors' Journey to Reliable Biometric Data


Established in 2013, VKE Contractors is an innovative construction solution specialist, principally providing Groundwork, RC Frame and Structural Alteration subcontract services to the construction industry.

“As a business we knew that we needed to steer away from using paper timesheets to manage time and attendance on site.” explains VKE Contractor's Office Manager, Iona Bensusan.

“The use of paper timesheets limited the visibility that we had on a project, particularly from Head Office, and created additional workload for the accounts department who would have to collate timesheets from each site to process the payroll. We were also concerned that paper was open to manipulation and errors.”

VKE Contractors implemented the Causeway Donseed facial recognition solution in 2019, making the switch on just 1 site initially. They have since implemented facial recognition clocking-in onto 4 more sites.

"With facial recognition we can now quickly verify identity at the point of sign-in/out on site. This allows the accounts department to process payroll with much more accurate time and attendance data." adds Iona.

“In the short amount of time that we've been using biometrics on site, I can say that we have seen a reduction in our overall labour costs and made a significant time saving. The facial recognition solution is easy to use, works well on site and I would definitely recommend it to other industry contractors." 

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