ExcelRedstone has begun the implementation of the Causeway Donseed biometric time and attendance solution on a number of live sites across the UK after a successful trial that produced excellent results.

The global IT Infrastructure contracting firm chose to widen its use of the biometric technology after finding significant cost savings and productivity improvements during the trial period.

During the initial few weeks, ExcelRedstone saw a difference of around 188 hours worked on site through biometric verification, when compared to data on paper recorded in the same period.

Gary Dickinson, Project Director at ExcelRedstone, said: “We wanted to find a solution that gave us visibility of the actual hours that our labour worked. We believed the rigid nature of paper timesheets might be increasing our project costs, and our trial with biometrics proved the case. We are working towards digitising the way we work and the Causeway Donseed solution is now giving us accurate, real-time information so that we have real visibility of what is happening on our sites.”

Before partnering with Causeway, the contractor used paper timesheets or unreliable time and attendance systems that didn’t account for the minute-to-minute hours worked on site. Now, the workforce scans their fingers on a compact touchscreen tablet, where the data is sent to the back office to view immediately.

Gary added: “One of the biggest benefits that we’ve seen since introducing biometrics is that there has been a definite cultural shift in the mindset of our operatives. Our teams know that they need to arrive at the site on time and that they are accountable and visible, this has made a real difference in behaviour.”

ExcelRedstone can now monitor their workforce in real-time, understand costs, and take as much risk out of the business as possible. For example, it provides the management team with visibility of precisely who is on site and which qualifications they have, supporting the management of health and safety compliance.

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