Causeway is delighted to announce that global engineering and construction company J. Murphy & Sons Limited will join Balfour Beatty and John Sisk in using Causeway Tradex and Causeway eGRN.

The leading construction provider that operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada, has introduced Causeway Tradex to support the processing of more than 200,000 invoice transactions per year (across multiple divisions). 

After several years of using Causeway Donseed, our biometric labour management solution that integrates fingerprint and facial recognition technologies, J Murphy & Sons will now collaborate with Causeway to improve their supplier relationships.

J Murphy & Sons plans to streamline their invoicing process by utilising Causeway Tradex. Already, 80% of the organisation’s suppliers are using the Causeway Tradex portal. However, Causeway will support J Murphy & Sons to onboard 1300 more to the Causeway Tradex solution.

Moving away from an OCR system towards a true e-invoicing solution means that J Murphy & Sons will benefit from several Causeway Tradex features. 

Some of the key features and differences between Causeway and OCR are outlined in the below table:  


OCR Causeway Tradex
Need to receive emails via PDF  Suppliers submit true electronic invoices via a free portal or straight from their own finance system through a fully integrated solution 
PDF is scanned and line and header information is validated  Information is automatically validated against business rules that are bespoke to you 
AP team still checks the information is correct and all fields are complete and if not emails it back to the supplier  If information is missing the invoice is automatically rejected back to the supplier, for them to correct and submit again 
AP team still matches the invoice against a Purchase Order. If there is a mismatch the invoice is emailed back to the supplier with a query  Causeway Tradex automatically matches the invoice to the Purchase Order for no-touch processing 
AP team still approve the invoice and post to ERP for payment  Causeway Tradex will send the validated and approved invoice to your ERP for payment 
Suppliers still call you to find out the status of their payment  Suppliers will log in to the Causeway Tradex Portal and access the latest payment status information in a self-serve model 
AP team still conduct statement reconciliations for your suppliers  Causeway Tradex allows suppliers to log in and conduct their own reconciliations
You’ll need to continue to manually post and store your transactions in an archive  Causeway Tradex provides a digital cloud-based storage capability and the option for all transactions to be automatically archived to the system of your choice
Estimated Savings of £15,000   Savings of £35,790 per annum 
Estimated Cost of £17,000 per annum   Cost of £15,000 per annum 
 Reduction of re-keying of invoices   Fully automated no-touch processing of invoices, Improved compliance to Prompt Payment Code & Better supplier relationships


J Murphy & Sons now have greater control and visibility of their supplier payments through both Causeway Tradex and Causeway eGRN.

Working in conjunction with Causeway Tradex, Causeway’s new eGRN solution is designed to simplify the process of acknowledging the delivery of goods and plant on-site and eliminate the need for paperwork and duplicate data entry.

The solution benefits buyers and suppliers by allowing the exchange of purchase orders, receipts, goods receipt notifications and invoices to be sent, received, and processed without needing manual intervention.

As the UK construction industry’s largest software provider, we make it our mission to digitise processes and make businesses like J Murphy & Sons more efficient. Contact our team to arrange a demonstration and learn how Causeway Tradex can benefit your business.


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