As part of their continuous improvement and expansion efforts in the roofing and canopy arena, Twinfix discovered Causeway CPD, a platform that provides a range of services to connect architects and specifiers with suppliers and manufacturers.

In the ever-evolving world of construction, Resonate Systems has emerged as a pioneering leader, crafting exceptional underfloor heating and acoustic insulation products. Rooted in quality and driven by client-centric values, this family-owned business based in Leicestershire has captured the essence of superior service.

Resonate Systems' philosophy revolves around key principles: integrity, collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Their extensive portfolio encompasses underfloor heating as well as acoustic insulation products.


The Challenge:

Navigating uncertainty


Challenges are inherent in any business journey. For Resonate Systems, a significant challenge lies in addressing end-user uncertainty amidst fluctuating interest rates. 

In an industry where stability is sought, these fluctuations can create hesitation among potential clients and partners. Resonate Systems recognised that understanding and navigating these uncertainties was vital to maintaining its momentum and growth.



“Causeway SpecifiedBy seamlessly aligned with Resonate Systems' overarching objectives. The platform's role as an ally in connecting with specifiers and showcasing products harmonises perfectly with the company's vision to enhance specifications and elevate sales,”


Richard HillmanManaging Director



The Outcome:

Maximum exposure online


Looking forward, Resonate Systems intends to harness the momentum generated through its collaboration with Causeway SpecifiedBy. This strategic alliance is primed to fuel continuous growth in specifications and sales.

"Forming a partnership with Causeway SpecifiedBy has proven to be a strategic masterstroke for us. The platform's tools and services empower us to connect with specifiers and significantly expand our reach seamlessly. We are enthusiastic about the prospects for growth ahead," states Richard.

Causeway SpecifiedBy remains steadfastly committed to empowering innovative businesses like Resonate Systems. The platform unequivocally demonstrates its value as a cherished partner through tailor-made solutions that foster connections and engagement.

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