Silent Gliss is the leading global supplier of premium interior window treatments.

For over 70 years, the company has worked relentlessly to develop the smoothest and quietest systems in the marketplace, using first-class technology. 

Here, Sam Curtain, Marketing Manager at Silent Gliss, explains why the business chose Causeway Enhance:

“Causeway Enhance had a clear understanding of our target market and we have seen real value from our investment.”

Speaking on Causeway Enhances progress with CPD Scheduling, Sam said:

“We are delighted with the success that Causeway Enhance achieved in booking in-practice CPDs for Silent Gliss. The speed at which the events were arranged was fantastic, and to date, all the events we have attended have been attended by professional architectural practitioners who have been keen to learn about shading.”

Our specialist team can help schedule all CPDs. We have supported Silent Gliss to secure the highest quality attendees and have 20 in-practice CPDs booked so far.

As Causeway Enhance’s approach focuses on building lasting relationships, Silent Glass have been able to liaise and connect with key industry contacts:

“We believe that we have made some excellent contacts for future projects”, Sam continued. 

Causeway Enhance Account Managers also represent Silent Glass on calls - providing a seamless service for their customers.

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