Causeway Technologies has accelerated its rollout of a new facial recognition tool to support construction companies looking to implement contactless biometric sign-in on site.

The technology is part of a recent update of Causeway’s Donseed biometric labour management software.

Causeway says the business increased the speed at which it developed its facial recognition tool in response to COVID-19, but that it has always been part of a wider strategy to provide contactless biometrics on a hardware-agnostic platform.

David Pinches, Product Director at Causeway, said: “We always had facial recognition on our roadmap as it was the natural next step in our offering of biometric solutions. Last year, we fast-tracked the final stages of our development so that we could offer customers a contactless solution for tracking workers on site as soon as possible.

“As sites attempted to reduce contact, we saw examples of people reverting to things like paper sign-in sheets. But this isn’t an efficient workflow, adding significant time and administration to the process. It also creates a higher potential for risk and mistakes, something that a biometric solution, because of the unique profile that it provides, can remove.”

Unlike a key card or access fob that can be shared, biometrics are based on the unique profile of the person. This makes them a more secure option, especially when it comes to recording hours worked, checking competencies and managing health and safety on site.

Causeway’s Donseed software solution helps contractors gather data about who has visited site, how long they have worked and what their credentials are. The latter includes managing site inductions online and being alerted to expiring training certifications.

Data is available in real-time via a dashboard, giving contractors better control over their costs, risks and workforce efficiency. This has a range of benefits, such as accurately managing payroll and ensuring that teams are working in the right place at the right time.

“While the construction industry is forecast to grow this year, controlling costs is going to be extremely important when it comes to protecting and enhancing your margin,” adds David.

“This tool allows you to build an accurate understanding of what is happening across all your sites, with all of the security benefits of biometrics – be that fingerprint or facial recognition.”

With this latest enhancement, the Causeway Donseed solution now offers the ability to combine multiple sign-in options, biometric and smartcard, on one portable biometric tablet.

David said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for construction companies as they transition away from paper-based records. Bringing a range of biometric identifiers and smartcards into one device, like our all-in-one biometric tablet, allows much more flexibility and enables firms to select the most appropriate sign-in option for their business.”

In addition to the multi-user portable tablet, customers can also use access control turnstiles and personal devices to verify identity with the Causeway Donseed solution.

Causeway believe that this will further speed up the adoption process and allow greater flexibility.

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