In episode #1 of Construction Talk, Alasdair and Peter talk about how the industry came together to tackle the skills shortage. We overcame the COVID fallout better than most sectors and there is a real belief that we can do the same now – especially with the CLC Skills Plan to guide us.


Time-stamped highlights:

[03.10] An exploding sector that’s crying out for people to come and join us

[04.18] The industry pulling together: The CLC Skills Plan

[04.50] What the Skills Plan includes

[05.38] The industry we want to be, not the industry we are today

[06.47] Positive role models to support diversity, equality and inclusion

[12.59] Multiple entry routes for young people and career changes

[15.40] The 2020 Talent retention scheme

[16.13] There are purpose-built facilities opening but more investment needed

[17.45] What support is available for businesses to recruit people into construction?

[19.53] Overcoming the talent retention challenge

[22.41] Exciting new technologies like offsite manufacture and carbon

[25.05] The legacy of HS2 and how it’s shaping the future of construction

[28.43] HS2 speeding up training creating 20-year careers to be proud about

[30.48] 2022 is construction’s year of recruitment

Links mentioned in today's episode:

CLC Skills Plan

CLC Talent Retention Scheme

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