In episode #10 of Construction Talk Alex Turner, Group BIM Manager at Oktra, talks about his role at the UK’s leading office design & build company, and how the company is using technology in design and construction, to supply its customers with the right digital information.


With over 20 years of technical experience, Alex also highlights the importance of investing in the right technologies for your business and how learning from mistakes can be your richest data stream.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter gets the podcast started

[00.53] Alex discusses his role at Oktra

[03.27] Peter asks Alex to breakdown what Oktra does

[04.47] Using technology to design and construct

[05.20] Supplying customers with the right digital information

[05.40] Using technology in design and construction

[06.58] Proving that new technologies are valuable

[07.45] Taking it slow and picking a technology that will work for your business

[09.18] Learning from mistakes your richest data stream

[09.41] The importance of having buy-in from the top

[10.45] Enabling teams with the right tools

[11:40] Future-proofing IT infrastructure

[18.30] How Oktra are using technology to create digital twins

[24.50] Bringing resources together to reduce the time of installation

[27:00] Making design decisions in advance using technology

[29:35] How does the construction sector support greater digital adoption while upskilling employees and attracting new talent

[32.20] Alex shares his closing thoughts

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