In episode #13 of Construction Talk, we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week! National Apprenticeship Week 2023 (6-12 of February) brings together the entire apprenticeship community and champions everything amazing about this way of working.


In honour of this year’s theme ‘Skills for Life,’ Construction Talk host, Peter Haddock, chats to second-year apprentice, Chloe Bidwell, and Antonia Morgan - an apprentice who has recently traded her career in nursing for the world of carpentry.


CITB Engagement Director for Wales, Julia Stevens, also joins the podcast to talk about the support CITB offers businesses that want to invest in apprentices. 


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter kicks off this special National Apprenticeship Week 2023 podcast

[02:00] Julia introduces herself

[03:20] How can CITB support businesses that are interested in hiring apprentices?

[04:00] First steps for small businesses

[05:08] Understanding the funding that is available

[06:20] Julia breaks down apprenticeship options

[07:30] The best resources for those looking for opportunities

[09:00] Earn while you learn

[12:00] Equality, diversity, and inclusion within apprenticeship recruitment

[14:30] Julia talks about the valuable work CITB are doing to educate young people about the construction sector

[16:30] Chloe introduces herself

[17:30] Chloe talks about her apprenticeship journey and the process behind it

[20:10] Working in a supportive environment and benefitting

[21:00] “It’s an unbelievable experience”

[22:05] Chloe’s advice to those considering an apprenticeship

[23:00] Antonia introduces herself

[23:15] Antonia shares her experience as a career changer moving into the carpentry world

[26:03] COVID gave Antonia the opportunity to rethink her career path

[27:10] Antonia shares the options available for those getting into carpentry/construction

[28:05] Finding employment and the challenges around that

[31:20] Leaving a female-dominated sector and moving into construction

[34:01] “Find an employer that is passionate”

[35:00] Peter wraps up the podcast

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