In Episode #14 of Construction Talk, Marcus Bennett, who is the Head of Analysis & Forecasting (Future Skills) at the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), chats to us about the recently released Construction Skills Network (CSN) report – which provides valuable insights into the UK construction economy and its future labour requirements.


Marcus and Peter explore the construction industry's prospects for the next five years, including the challenges it faces in terms of skills and employment, as well as the Apprenticeship Task Force, digitalisation, and diversity!


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter kickstarts the podcast

[00:34] Peter introduces Marcus Bennet

[01:00] Marcus talks about his role at CITB and the Construction Skills Network report

[02:19] An extra 225,000 construction workers may be needed by 2027

[03:51] Climate change driving “significant investment” in infrastructure

[04:00] “Ensuring what we build is more considerate to the environment”

[04:32] “Tackling the net-zero challenge is the biggest construction project this century”

[04:45] Shortage of workers is a major concern for those in the construction sector

[05.40] “Construction is critical… We shouldn’t underestimate its status and importance”

[06:21] “There’s something for everyone in construction”

[07:42] Digitalisation and attracting new talent

[09:02] Encouraging diversity within the construction workplace

[11.33] How CITB works/supports the industry

[12:13] The Apprenticeship Task Force

[13:00] “How do we get more people in” to apprenticeships

[13:57] CITB has announced an investment of more than £800,000 for the launch of a new employer network pilot project

[15:44] The importance of upskilling the construction sector’s current workforce

[18:50] The need for digitalisation on site

[19:05] Encouraging the next workforce into a career in construction technology

[20:30] The facilities needed to tackle these challenges and meet the needs of the construction sector

[21:06] Using virtual reality and new technology for training

[22:43] “We’ve got to make it a place where absolutely everyone can work”

[23:31] Marcus shares his final thoughts

[23:58] Peter wraps up the podcast

Links mentioned in today's episode:

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

Download the Construction Skills Network (CSN) report here


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