In Episode #15 of Construction Talk, we are celebrating International Woman’s Day 2023! This year's theme, #EmbraceEquity, highlights the difference between equity and equality. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, equity is the means to achieve equality, which is the end goal.


For this very special podcast, we are joined by Claire Hendrick and Katy Robinson, who are both accomplished professionals, dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in their workplaces.


Claire, an IT Project Manager at SISK Group, and is responsible for delivering projects across Ireland, the UK, and Europe. She has a successful track record in her field and is passionate about promoting careers in technology to young women.

Katy, Regional Co-Chair at the National Association of Women in Construction, is a multiple award-winning Project Manager from East Yorkshire with experience in Quantity Surveying and Construction Project Management. Both are excellent role models for women in the construction industry and we are delighted to have them on this episode. 


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter kickstarts the podcast

[00:34] Peter explores this year’s theme #EmbraceEquity.

[01:11] Peter introduces Katy

[01:23] Katy reveals what inspired her career in construction

[03:18] Peter introduces Claire

[03.33] Claire talks about her technology experience and her role at Sisk Group

[05:20] “We don’t all have the same circumstances”

[05.55] “Everybody has a role to play”

[06:50] Understanding equity and equality

[09:01] Katy talks about her Top 30 Under 30 win

[10:55] Claire talks about how IT project management fits into the construction

[12:15] harnessing data can benefit construction businesses

[13:10] Claire talks about her current role at SISK Group

[14:30] The construction industry is managing a huge amount of data

[15:45] Katy shares her thoughts on data and construction

[16:40] “Bringing in the right solutions”

[17:15] Encouraging the construction sector to embrace technology                    

[19:20] “Making jobs more valuable”

[21:04] Katy reveals how her role at National Association of Women in Construction came about

[23:00] Learn more about the National Association of Women in Construction

[24:58] “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it”

[25:34] More visibility is needed within both the IT and construction sectors

[26:09] The future is looking bright for the construction sector: new technologies and the increasing number of women joining the workforce

[27:19] How will the construction sector change over the next few years: data sharing will become more prevalent, and sustainability will take centre stage

[27:40] Construction industry contributes to 40% of pollution

[28:20] Building a sustainable future

[28:38] “Equity isn’t just a nice to have – it’s a must-have”

[29:35] Peter wraps up the podcast

Links mentioned in today's episode:

SISK Group


East Riding Council



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