In episode #17 of Construction Talk,  Peter interviews digital transformation expert, Jo McCallum (iDisrupt Digital). The conversation revolves around the importance of data-driven approaches and the challenges of getting the construction sector to embrace new technologies and ways of working.


Jo highlights how the use of technology in the construction industry can lead to better collaboration, faster decision-making, and increased profitability, as she stresses the need for better training and support to facilitate this transformation within the sector.

Lastly, Peter and Jo touch on the popular topic of artificial intelligence (AI), by discussing its ethical implications and its impact on society.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter gets the podcast started

[00:40] Jo introduces herself and gives insight into her role as Chief Experience Officer at iDisrupt Digital

[2.21] "Digital transformation has meant a lot for the construction sector. What do you think what it will mean as the construction sector moves forward?" Peter asks Jo

[3:10]  "We saw 10 years worth of digital transformation delivered within four months" when COVID 19 hit

[4:50] "Digital transformation in construction really means harnessing the power that digital technologies can potentially give organisation means allowing them to make operations more efficient" says Jo

[7:29] "Big data" and its place in construction

[8:44]  "Machine learning actually only works if you have humans available to validate the assumptions that the machines are making"

[09.11] "Machine learning sounds like it's a dark art, it's incredibly powerful, but it's only as powerful as the humans that sit behind it, validating the assumptions that it's making... You don't necessarily need to be a data scientist to understand at all," says Jo

[10:44] How little actions can lead to "immediate benefits"

[13.47] Jo breaks down the "change curve"

[16.00] Technology, a friend or a foe when getting work completed?

[18.26] “If we have better data flows between subcontractors, and suppliers, then that actually speeds up the workflow to getting things done that allows us again, to share risks in terms of safety and risk mitigation faster between subcontractors and suppliers. And ultimately, that shared data environment, whatever it looks like, allows for better and faster decision making," says Jo

[21:01] "There's no getting away from artificial intelligence and machine learning," says Jo

[24:30] Peter explains the benefits of "the connected worksite"

[26:26] Jo shares her thoughts on how "real-time" information will change the construction sector

[28:57] Jo shares her closing thoughts: "We can't adopt and utilise technology and digital for better outcomes with without over-investing in our people. And when I'm talking about people, I'm really talking about culture."

[31:00] Peter wraps up the podcast


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