In episode #18 of Construction Talk, Peter interviews Barry Trebes, the director of Trebes Consultancy Limited. Barry and Peter delve into the world of NEC contracts.


Barry, who began his career as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in 1983, shares his valuable insights on how NEC contracts contribute to improved project delivery.

During the interview, Peter and Barry also discuss the prevalent challenges in the construction industry, including the shortage of skilled workers and the necessity of embracing technology.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter gets the podcast started

[00:40] Barry kicks off the podcast by sharing his journey in the construction industry

[02.49] How does NEC fit into the industry

[4:40]  "The way that NEC works from a project management point of view is that the process of  within it enables better-informed decisions to be made"

[7:54]  Solving industry challenges and embracing technology

[10.11]  Barry discusses social value and carbon

[09:16] Barry acknowledges the challenges faced by the industry, including a shortage of skills and knowledge gaps

[09:45] Barry mentions the need to adapt to new approaches and technologies, such as transitioning to all-electric equipment in projects like HS2

 [10:20] The importance of incentivising carbon reduction and social value (as recognised by the NEC working group)

[11.28] Peter talks about the significance of providing financial support and investment opportunities for industry professionals to achieve benefits in finance, carbon reduction, and social value

[19.34] Barry emphasises the importance of looking ahead in projects and adopting a backward planning approach

[20:20] Barry acknowledges that while it's natural to focus on the future and be optimistic, it's crucial to also consider potential barriers and challenges

[21.26] Peter reflects on Barry's comments about how everyone is involved in the overall process and the significance of the legacy that each project leaves behind

[23:17] Barry highlights the importance of discussion and knowledge sharing in finding solutions

[25:53] "Everybody's got a role to play" says Barry

[26:26] Barry shares his final thoughts on what the construction industry needs to be doing moving forward

[27:38] Peter wraps up the podcast


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